Have a look at some of the work we have done!

The following is a deck job where an old deck was partially torn apart, repaired, and added on to.  The deck runs along a curved pool deck so the deck boards had to be carefully cut one at a time in order to follow the pool deck.  It turned out great giving this deck a really unique effect.

Next is a smaller deck that really fit this small space nicely.  

Here is a large custom built-in that really turned this sun room into a beautiful living space.

This small bathroom was totally remodeled, the customer really loved white.  The bright color really helped the small space feel open.

This older wooden door and frame was replaced with a new fiberglass/composite one. Door replacement jobs can sometimes be a major pain. Was lucky today and this one wasn't to bad although it did require reworking some of the aluminum wrapped trim. Caulking and sealing is complete, all that is left after this photo was taken is the paint.

This play-set was a surprise Christmas gift when the children arrived home from Disney!  In the first photo you can almost see the pile of rubble from the old play-set that was bought as a kit and assembled.  It lasted a year....

Below was a quick job that involved opening up a wall that separated the customer's kitchen and living room.  By taking a section of the wall out a counter top was installed, giving the customer's house a more open feeling and adding some convenient dining options.

Note the prep work that was done in order to keep the dust from the demolition from getting all over the house.  At RLS Construction we strive to stand out from the crowd by providing the custom with a good remodel experience when we enter their homes.  

We also build custom furniture, cabinets and built-ins.